no interest in Pinterest

I recently wrote about not getting an Apple watch. And I’m not getting a Pinterest account either.

Men have not generally embraced Pinterest anyway. According to RJ Metrics, 80% of pinners are female. And they account for 92% of all the pins. (The number of pins by men has dropped from 13% to 8% in the last three years.)

The topics illustrate this. The top five areas women are pinning in are food/drink, crafts and projects, home décor, holidays and events, and fashion/beauty. I’m as interested in food as the next person, but I don’t feel much need at to collect recipes. Share them, maybe.

volvoYou would think Pinterest would be just as an attractive platform for men; they would just pin different things. Sports, tools, cars, women, sonnets. OK. I’m kidding about the sonnets. But men just haven’t embraced the platform.

Apparently, men that are on Pinterest use it more like a shopping cart than a wish list.  They are also twice as likely to pin things they already own. This doesn’t explain why men have less interest in visualizing their dreams and desires than women do. But I have a hunch.

Here is my theory. Men don’t want you to know they wanted something and never got it. They don’t want you to ask if they ever got around to making that crème brulee either. They catalog their acquisitions, not their aspirations.

So, no Pinterest for me. But I’ll happily show you a picture of my Volvo.

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