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taking it to the next level

I reached level 64 today. I’m glad it’s a multiplayer game. It wouldn’t be as much fun or as rewarding if you had to play alone.

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the secret life of Santa

The challenge is not to give people what they think they want, but to try and give them what they don’t yet know they want. Or at the very least, what they don’t remember that they wanted.

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Retrospective: 2002

God in his wisdom has called this godly father, husband and pastor to a perfect sabbath rest. Some of the things we depended on him for we will now have to do for ourselves. Or for each other. Or simply wait for God to do.

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the day Santa died

Although St. Nicholas had rich parents and my dad had poor ones, both of them were gracious, righteous men, generous to a fault. I know good came to them and that they are and will be remembered that way. And I know I want to be such a man.

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(re)collections on God’s faithfulness

I’ve been blogging now over nine years, and am planning to pull together some collections of these essays as small paperbacks that could be shared with others. I’ve outlined them here, and welcome your feedback on which ones you might find helpful or interesting.

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something to say: a retrospective

I’m learning a lot, and making new friends. And I think I’ve found the kind of focus that ultimately makes a blog work.

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