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of life, liberty and literature

When virtue is mocked, when truth is denied, when character is demeaned and when self is promoted, there is no freedom to anticipate. Or to celebrate.

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Why I may celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to imagine a government can survive in an age of Twitter by trying to stamp out laughter and love.

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in praise of posters

Anyone who walks down a hall of flyers and posted notices knows the community is filled with people who are doing something and you are invited. It’s an emotional connection that says a lot is going on here. And you don’t have to have permission to do stuff.

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in memoriam: Joel A. Metts

I hung a flag out on the porch yesterday, as I always do for Memorial Day and the Forth of July. It’s the flag from my grandfather’s casket. Pop, as I knew him, was a gentle old man with a drinking problem. He returned from the Pacific after World War II, where he had served […]

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