no Apple watch for me

I’m not getting an Apple watch.

applewatchIt’s not that I can’t afford it. I have a Tag Heuer that belonged to my dad worth more than that, and all it does is tell time.

It’s not that I don’t like the design either. It’s an elegant and shiny thing. It’s exactly what wearable computing should look like. And everyone knows it’s not because it’s made by Apple either. I’m clearly a fan.

No, I’m not getting an Apple watch because it is too “intimate.” It’s just a bridge too far. Or too close, perhaps. In announcing it, Tim Cook used that word several times. Seductive is a better word .

I’m a technophile, and I seldom draw a line when it comes to technology. Well, maybe about buying a PC or an Android. And Pinterest. No need to catalog our cravings for everyone to see.

But while my current watch connects me to my past, an Apple watch would connect me to everything. All. The. Time. And not just online, either. It monitors your health, for example. It will tell you what you shouldn’t eat and how far you should walk. Siri-ously? I have a wife for that.

Over at Time magazine, Lev Grossman says “It perches on your wrist, like one of Cinderella’s helpful bluebirds.” Like the smartphone, he warns, it will bring unintended and unimagined consequences.

He’s right. The best thing about my iPhone may be that I can put it down.

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