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a rhythm of renewal

There are dolphins playing along the edges of the surf as the sun glints off the white-capped waves. We will go soon and walk beside them.

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I’m still not buying it

Arm and Hammer has increased the print size on their cat-litter by 20%. Who knew cats were having trouble reading? Or is it the Boomers?

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the wrong audience

Who knew there was so much technology to make aging easy and expensive? I could spend thousands of dollars on things I don’t want or need.

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if I live to be 100

Gerontologist Aubrey de Gray claims the first human to live 1000 years has probably already been born. I agree, but that was like, you know, before the flood.

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be that guy

Make time for others, especially young men who are trying to figure things out. Remember when your Dad died and you had no one to call? Now you are that guy.

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so here’s to Katie

Today I wish for you wisdom for and peace in each trial, because I’m sure we still have a few left. And I wish for you greater joy in knowing and doing the will of God, whose grace has sustained us all these years. And I wish you a happy birthday. And many more.

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