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(re)learning to linger

Maturing, married love is rooted in a shared story and refreshed by a new commitment, often in the full shadow of our failures. It involves learning to linger again.

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Swipe my heart
And let’s dance.

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resting in covenant keeping love

It’s good to be married to a woman whose faith is still growing and whose love will cover a multitude of sins.

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Why I may celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to imagine a government can survive in an age of Twitter by trying to stamp out laughter and love.

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waiting for love

As we light the fourth candle, waiting still, the morning we celebrate draws near.

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happy anniversary to us

Tomorrow is our 36th anniversary. We stood together under a gazebo at Signal Point, a little park overlooking a bend in the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, and promised to love each other until death did us part. I was happy to be married, although it was not nearly as easy as I had hoped. The […]

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