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what the herald angels sang

Like most of the old hymns, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” tells us things about God, not about ourselves or our needs.

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Christmas chimes

The winter will end. The darkness will recede. Everything will be as it should be. Every celebration points to this day and every disappointment does too.

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the silence of the night

I’m not saying if we sang a few Christmas carols our politicians would quit lying and our celebrities would quit fornicating. I’m just saying we have gained nothing by banning such music and have lost a great deal.

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an Advent(ure) of faith

Tonight there were four candles on our table, but only one was lit. It is the first week of Advent and, if you let it, every meal can be turned to worship.

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the rest of the story

The story has been written. The end is known. The glory of God will appear again and again, and the Baby will be the King.

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the day Santa died

Although St. Nicholas had rich parents and my dad had poor ones, both of them were gracious, righteous men, generous to a fault. I know good came to them and that they are and will be remembered that way. And I know I want to be such a man.

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