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the peril of “reply all”

Here are some situations where ‘reply all’ is counterproductive if not downright rude.

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getting the point

I wouldn’t say I have necessarily rediscovered the joy of handwriting, but it is a pleasant experience, experimenting with the different feel of different leads.

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3 ways to be faithful on Facebook

Facebook “friends” can become actual friends—but sometimes it takes more time and energy.

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how Christians can help save the internet

Gentleness and respect are what the social web desperately needs. And Christians should be leading the way.

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3 reasons Christians get social media wrong

We all know that there is a difference between a great talker and a great communicator. This difference is largely that the communicator listens more and connects better.

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no interest in Pinterest

You would think Pinterest would be just as an attractive platform for men; they would just pin different things. But men just haven’t embraced the platform.

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