why we do what we do

In 1969 a psychologist named Edward Deci conducted an experiment with a puzzle involving wooden blocks. A group of college students was paid a dollar for each puzzle they completed. Another group was not. The experiment was really about what happened when the researcher left the room, supposedly to get a survey for the students… Continue reading why we do what we do

what’s wrong with rewards? parenting in an age of incentives

In An Age of Incentives Eric Felton says incentives for students are spreading like kudzu. Not only are parents paying off their kids for making good grades, schools in New York, DC, Chicago and Dallas have paid out $6 million in incentives for getting better grades, reading books, and behaving in class. North Carolina is… Continue reading what’s wrong with rewards? parenting in an age of incentives

the pace of parenting

Now that mother’s day is over, it’s interesting to note that the age of the Super Mom may be over too. In a wonderful overview of this trend, Lisa Belkin notes that they have moved past confessing their failures online to embracing a new philosophy called slow parenting. The term itself is attributed to Carl… Continue reading the pace of parenting