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the end of a love affair

Marriage is a covenant, not a compromise between drapes and blinds, or white walls and eggplant colored throws. It is not about the art; it’s about the heart.

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the mid-wife crisis

The highly individualistic self-seeking model of modern marriage is not exactly an improvement.

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maybe you should read this

We avoid that which is uncomfortable and put off that which is necessary. “Maybe” becomes the way we manage our childrens’ expectations and our spouse’s concerns.

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the secret to innovation

Sharing God’s image allows us to explore the adjacent possibilities, creating both poetry and iPods.

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will they serve grits in heaven?

Slow food. It makes me think about grits. Cindy Dulay, over at southerneats, says “There really isn’t much, if any, difference in the taste of slow cook and quick cook grits. Slow cook takes 20 minutes of boiling to cook, while quick cook only takes 5 minutes.” I don’t know what she is talking about. […]

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