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loving life and letting go

For an anniversary, there was surprisingly little nostalgia or remembering.  Our single most significant conversation was about our future. 

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a prudent woman is from the Lord

Katie gives our shared life roots and steadiness, things I need. Things every man needs.

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that’s our song

We don’t have a “song,” as common as that was in our day. No remembered glances across the room as the band played on. Music played no part in our courtship whatsoever. But we do have a story.

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the treasure of a king (james)

Someone once called the King James Bible the only work of art every created by a committee. Over 50 scholars worked on it for seven years.

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how to stay married

Two couples in our church have been married fifty years this fall, and we are having a celebration as well we should.

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happy anniversary to us

Tomorrow is our 36th anniversary. We stood together under a gazebo at Signal Point, a little park overlooking a bend in the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, and promised to love each other until death did us part. I was happy to be married, although it was not nearly as easy as I had hoped. The […]

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