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how Christians can help save the internet

Gentleness and respect are what the social web desperately needs. And Christians should be leading the way.

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why the internet is addictive and what you can do about it

Hyperlinks are the brain’s chocolate, and most of us have not figured out how to say no soon enough. Or even if we want to.

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does social media make us narcissists?

There is a little narcissism in all of us, arising as it does out of our limitless capacity for self-centeredness.

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3 reasons Christians should be extra careful online

No one should be more careful about what they say online than a Christian. No one’s words will be scrutinized more closely than one who claims the name of Christ.

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2 annoying things Christians do on Facebook

Nothing you post on the internet can heal me, bless me, or change me, no matter how many times I share it, repost it, or link to it.

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3 reasons Christians get social media wrong

We all know that there is a difference between a great talker and a great communicator. This difference is largely that the communicator listens more and connects better.

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