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marriage as transformation

We cherish and nurture our own body—yet in marriage we become one flesh. We take care of ourselves. We look out for ourselves. And in marriage men learn better than anywhere else to love someone else, to look after her interests, to be thoughtful and careful and kind.

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on table grace

Even the devout often give thanks with no consideration to the rain, the soil, the farmer, the process, or even the taste. There is no awe of the miracle, especially if it comes in a box.

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a blessing for boys

It’s not nearly as important that our children obey us as it is that they obey God. We are mere stewards and our work is to teach them God’s way and engage them with God’s heart.

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Oh, he of little faith

Hitchens has little room to maneuver, of course, after a lifetime of mocking God and his people. Not that he wants to maneuver, from what I can see.

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praying for missionaries

The sovereign purpose of God in missions and evangelism suggests two things. We should count less and pray more.

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