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why we read to children

Reading to children is a relational thing. It is what laps were made for.

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santa claus is coming to town

The Santa Papers is my effort to tell his story. In this “unauthorized autobiography” Nicholas tell how he became Santa. And how he feels about that.

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read more, write more

Facebook updates are not the key to your future or your success. What you need is more long form reading in an age of Twitter.

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clean, well-lighted prose

You can see what Hemingway wanted but never had: a clean, well-lighted place where the shadows are held at bay. Add an unhurried and sympathetic waiter and perhaps your nothingness will disappear.

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of plastic and pixels

I can download a new book in 60 seconds, without driving to the bookstore. I’ve seen the handwriting on the wall, or at least the typeface on the screen. And it looks and feels better than ever.

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