I deserve this…

In the interesting spam department, here is the best offer I’ve had all day:

Dear Wally Metts,

You’re waiting in line at the supermarket checkout counter.

In front of you is a woman who’d love to look like you. To exhibit your vitality. To have your skin, your hair, your eyes.

Behind you is a teenage girl who yearns to own everything you have on. The gold. The cashmere. The shoes. The perfume.

And looking at your from across the store is a really good-looking guy who’d give almost anything to … or something equally R-rated.

You are a real, beautiful, stylish, sexy woman. You spend a good amount of time and energy to look good and it shows! That’s the reason I’m writing you today. You are exactly the kind of woman who deserves to win a FREE $100 Victoria’s Secret(TM) Gift Certificate.

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