And the winner is…

Drum roll, please. The winners of the describe Wally Metts in 4-words or less contest have been announced by the judges.

The winner is Roni Smith, a former student, who described me as a “snide remarking philosophical poet.” Runner-up, or honorable mention, goes to Terri Reynolds, also a former student, who called me an “irksomely correct steadfast influence.”

According to the judges, Ann and Xian Metts, Roni’s entry describes my public persona, and Terri’s describes my private persona. Roni, of course, gets two movie tickets and Terri gets mentioned on my blog. Ok, Ok. Maybe a movie rental, just so she won’t whine.

I was amazed that anybody played at all, although Pilgrim’s two entries (including “Old Man. New Ideas”) were clearly motivated by the movie tickets. Kudo’s to Carole and Taune, who referred to my southern roots. Personally, I liked Betty Overton’s entry the best, although it came in after the deadline. “Profound professor prizes Word(s).” I’m trying not to be influenced by the fact that she is my boss.

I like being known as a poet, although I had a friend/poet who once told me it was easier to write something that sounds like poetry than to write something that is poetry. I should do it more often.

My dad once introduced me to a waitress as his son, a poet. It was one of the finest moment in my life. Both were points of pride.

I suppose that means you will all be wanting to see more poetry.

Me too.

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