it’s about space

Dinner for sixteen at our house.

Dinner for sixteen at our house.

I have a thing about space, a need to reimagine it and rearrange it.

 I’ve been redoing the common area outside my office at work. A colleague picked the colors, but I’ve been finding new floors, new furniture, even new trash cans. It has required a lot of energy but it energizes me.

 It is open space I want. I find it more welcoming, which is why our own house has lots of space. My childhood had lots of space too: clear skies, open beaches, the Everglades. 

Besides, I am my mother’s child. She liked windows and mirrors—just the illusion of space, as we didn’t often have big houses. I also share her claustrophobia; my favorite part of spring is the open windows. Air and light I like. (Thanks, Mom.)

Remodeling the office suite at work.

Remodeling the office suite at work.

Because of this, cluttered big box stores make me crazy. So do little boutiques with narrow aisles. I just want to get outside. And in space I own or manage, if I can take out a wall all the better. 

Mom doesn’t get all the credit, though. Dad was an artist, among many other things, and gave me a sense of balance and color. I can hang a picture or design a newsletter easily enough. 

But it is space I want. 

People I don’t mind. They come, they go. It’s OK. It’s the furniture and the walls that get in the way. 

But if you can’t toss it or tear it down, just open a window. 

And be glad.


 See the importance of whitespace in web design.


About wally metts

Wally Metts is the daysman. He is director of graduate studies in communication at Spring Arbor University and is a pastor at Countryside Bible Church in Jonesville, MI. The father of four adult children, he and his wife Katie raise barn cats and Christmas trees in Michigan. His grandchildren call him Santa.

2 Responses to “it’s about space”

  1. And this is why, all those years ago, the writing lab hindered my creativity.Just give me a window.

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