much ado about yoga pants


This is not a post about yoga pants. If it were, I might write about Lululemo’s ill fated efforts to launch a line with too sheer fabric. This is a post about Christian community and/or the lack thereof.

A couple of months ago an Oregon mom wrote about her decision not to wear leggings in public. It went viral, and I’m not at all surprised at all the eye rolling, tsk-tsking and joking by non-believers.

I was surprised —and saddened— by the response of many Christian bloggers, a sort of piling on, mocking and accusing. There were spoofs about hot mega church pastors leading women to sin with their skinny jeans. One post on Facebook listed all the more important things you should be more worried about, like the persecuted church and world hunger.

Seriously, this is true, but it is a bit like arguing that the existence of violent crime justifies shoplifting.   And if you want to go that route, why shouldn’t a woman be able to decide not to wear yoga pants in a world where women can decide not to have their babies?

The responses to her post were brutal. But the response of any thoughtful Christian should have been charitable. She was not clothes policing or slut shaming. Her detractors are the real clothes police.

She just had a conversation, made a choice, shared it with some friends.

She should be able to do that.  In any community.

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