a prayer for Elena

I’m praying for you on this, your very first birthday. Just a year ago today I was sleeping on the floor of a hospital waiting room, waiting to meet you.

I went to your party yesterday and was reminded of how very loved you are. Your other grandparents and your parents were beaming with joy. Lady and I were too. You are walking and chattering. We are so glad that you are healthy and smart. You have so many blessings and we are so blessed.

So today, I’m praying you will soon realize this is all a gift. And that understanding what grace looks like, you will come to know what it is. And where it comes from.

It’s the first Sunday of Lent and I’m preaching about how deep the Father’s love is. I trust you will rest in this reality as soon as you can understand it, and that the love you now sense will be but a shadow of the love you will come to know in Christ.

Happy birthday, Elena.


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