It’s a baby

OK, not just any baby. It’s a grand baby.

And when I got to hold her today for the first time, she was of course the most beautiful baby in the world.

I felt the kind of healthy awe I’ve felt each time one of our own was born. But it perhaps more like the level of elation I felt when Margaret came—the first born, with all her possibilities and promise.

So yesterday, December 1, Christian and Ann welcomed Tabitha Elaine Metts into the world. 8 pounds, 2 ounces. 19 inches long.

There are pictures and there will be lots more. It’s nice when the dad is a photographer.

The plan is for Tabitha to call me Santa. (The kids figured it out a long time ago.) And she will call Katie “Lady.” Because she is one.

I’m sure I will eventually think deep thoughts about the honor of being a grandparent, but for now I’m just excited. The Lord is gracious. And we all get a baby for Christmas.


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