A penny for your thoughts

Iíve lost three pounds in the last week, depending on the angle at which you observe the needle on the scales. But it is somewhat encouraging, even if a week is not very important in the grand scheme of things.

But health is not, of course, the only issue that concerns me as I approach the half-century mark of my life. Something else that seems to matter is money, not so much that I have it as that I understand it.

And, quite frankly, I donít. I donít know a mutual fund from 401 K, or even if there is such a thing as a 401 K. A CD is a place to store music, not money, as far as I am concerned. Money is a mystery. I donít know how to manage it, and, other than just working harder, I donít know how to make it. But I am determined to learn.

Part of what brings this on is that I actually have more assets than liabilities, after way too many years of having nothing to leave my children but bills. Through the miracle of home ownership, I finally have net worth. That, and a pension program which has somehow survived the stock marketís dismal recent history, prompted Katie and I to finally go to a lawyer and have a will drawn up.

But I want to know more, and I want to understand more. Iíd like to get to the place where money works for me, instead of the other way around. And to do this I need both a method and a motivation.

The method, which has always worked for everything else, is to read enough so that I understand enough to ask better questions. Then perhaps I can find some wise person or persons who can answer them. It seems like a plan.

Right now Iím reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki. And Iíve started to hang out with the Motley Fool. Larry Burkett’s Crown Financial Ministries offers a Christian perspective. If anyone has other suggestions, please respond to the ďcommentsĒ link below.

More about motivations later.

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