Weight, weight! Don’t tell me…

One of the things I want to do this year is lose weight. Thatís one of those things I want to do every year, but donít. So the question is, what is the trigger that will make it happen?

Dadís heart attack wasnít it, since I think Iíve gained weight since then. Actually, my blood sugar is more of a motivator. Iím one of those people who believe type 2 diabetes can be managed with diet and exercise. I did it once.

The problem is I respond to stress by eating. Not a sit down and gorge myself kind of eating, but a constantly grazing kind of eating. And a kind of donít notice how much Iím eating kind of eating.

Diets donít really appeal to me, but last Monday I did start to count calories again. 1800 a day. Ok, except for the two days I ate 2500. Whatís a cookie here or there?

Except for those two days, Iíve been mostly goodóincluding exercise. I was only going to weigh myself once a week, but I sneaked a peak over the weekend and it is not encouraging. Why canít you cheat and lose weight too? Why canít five good days count more than two bad ones?

I am taking some products that are supposed to help curb your appetite, but Iím not sure that is the problem. Iím not hungry. I just want to eat. And I donít have the focus I need to change my lifestyle. Or the energy. In fact, I donít want to change my lifestyle. I just want to change my life.

Or, put another way, I donít want to lose weight.

I just donít want to weigh as much.

Tonight Iíll see what difference one week can make. And next Monday Iíll see what difference two can make. And after a month or so Iíll see if it matters at all.

By then Iíll be fifty.


About wally metts

Wally Metts is the daysman. He is director of graduate studies in communication at Spring Arbor University and is a pastor at Countryside Bible Church in Jonesville, MI. The father of four adult children, he and his wife Katie raise barn cats and Christmas trees in Michigan. His grandchildren call him Santa.

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