my flight companion

a sabbatical rest, day 29

My wife Katie is the perfect travel companion. She lets me sit by the aisle, and eat her leftovers. That’s important because meals on international flights are fairly decent, and on Qatar airlines even better. It’s also nice to travel with someone who can watch your stuff when you go to the bathroom.

But today is her birthday and, with our flight in fewer than 4 days, she is in full Katie mode. Organized. Calm. Looking forward to the quarantine when we get there because she treasures time alone, sometimes by herself and sometimes with me.

She is taking a tea pot, of course. And some tea. Yes, they grow tea in Nepal, but they tend to export the good stuff. And she does enjoy the good stuff. If you have been to Nepal or live in Nepal and have any tips on where to find a good first flush let me know.

I’m just grateful to travel with her, and to celebrate her clicking off one more decade. We will celebrate having almost five of those decades together in June before we come back. Pokhara, perhaps.

But this post is about birthdays, which she doesn’t like because of all the attention she gets. She is not a party girl. She has never craved attention, which is awkward when your husband is a writer who is crazy about you. And since I am, and this is my blog, let me tell you why, especially when we travel.

First, she is steady in a crisis, and since we often travel with students, this is important. She helped evacuate a student off the mountains when we were trekking a couple of years ago, traveling with the student by helicopter to a strange hospital in Kathmandu. Head down, straight-forward, let’s do this. And let’s do it without drama. That’s Katie.

She is also organized. (I’m not, at least not with stuff.) I have no idea what all is going into the suitcases, but when we get there it will all be there, everything we need and a few things I’m not certain that we need. But she will be prepared.

She is healthy. And encourages me to be. Encourages anyone who asks. She has a wellness business but also a wellness passion. If I sit in a chair long enough, a glass of water will show up nearby. Better food, more exercise; she encourages me about all these things, without being anxious or sharp, although it did take her a few decades to get that down. Healthy is vital when you are spending time in a new culture with new foods and new routines.

But more than that, she has integrity. This comes from her faith in Christ, which she cultivates and grows. Katie is honest and expects others to be. She doesn’t embellish things. She tries to give a true report. She is careful with her words. And she reminds me to be careful with mine. I do, it turns out, like a little drama. So, it’s good to have someone caution you when people who don’t speak your language might think you are laughing at them.

Because of her integrity, she keeps her word. To me. To you too, if she can. She talked to a young Nepali woman in a Baltimore restaurant two years ago who asked her to reach out before we left the country. And she did. This kind of follow-through is important when you are meeting new people. She is good at meeting new people and making them feel welcome. Making strangers feel welcome is essential in a travel companion. And I’m glad she is mine.

We never imagined all the things we’d do or the places we’d go. We feel blessed and grateful. Not only that, by traveling and spending time in other cultures we are learning to be more forgiving and kind. We are learning to be more thoughtful and more generous. We are learning that different is not wrong. These are things you need to know when you travel. And we are travelers at heart. Pilgrims, actually, longing for our true home.

Happy birthday, Katie Metts. Let’s go to Nepal.

11 thoughts on “my flight companion”

  1. Happy birthday Katie Metts!! God bless, favor, honor and delight you and your family and all in your spheres of influence.

    David Martin Stevens and Linnet Psalm 118:24 today and every day.


  2. Happy birthday, Katie! The blessings of your steadiness reach far and wide across the country… and on to other continents! Safe journeys!

  3. What a beautiful and well-deserved tribute! Wally, you are truly blessed to have Katie. And I wish her a fulfilling and delightful birthday, and blessings all year long.

  4. How beautiful. It’s important to publicly recognize our loved ones – how we are thankful for them and how much we love them. It’s important for others to see it as the world we live in – marriages that are broken, no respect for one another, cheating, and abuse and divorce. It can make younger people jaded. It’s important we see marriages that are good and examples of what can be. I love that you are traveling together and YES, I ensure my husband has the things he needs if we go away, as well. It’s a woman thing. 🙂 Feel free to stop by my blog and say HI! Safe travels and God bless!

  5. Happy birthday, Katie! Reading this reminded me and Kristen again of how much we are grateful for you both and miss your daily presence. I pray you can enjoy this day to its fullest and make the most of the time you’ll have in Nepal.

  6. Such a beautiful tribute to Katie. Prayers for safe travels and your stay abroad. May God bless you both richly in every way.

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