rethinking the university

Yes, I know some of you think I blog for a living, but I actually have a day job as a university professor.

Universities are in trouble these days, so while I haven’t blogged here for a few days I have been writing about my vision of higher education over on my other blog. So if that sort of thing interests you, check out my Immodest Proposal.

And if it doesn’t, stay tuned. We will return to our irregularly scheduled programming later this week.

It is long, even my my essay length standard her. But if you do read it, however, please comment. Commendation or criticism are welcome. Or send it to a friend who might be interested in such things.

I believe higher education is in a desperate, unsustainable state. I also believe in the liberal arts. Being part of the solution is important to me.

3 thoughts on “rethinking the university”

  1. It is long, but I read it all. Very provocative and thoughtful. Get ready – I see ruffled feathers in your future!

  2. I read your “Immodest Proposal” and was impressed by your insight, vision and courage. Perhaps most by the latter.

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