beginnings and benedictions

Abigail Hagger, class of 2011. Photo by Nathan Hagger.

I gave the benediction at our mid-year graduation this morning, for, from my department Kimberly Ballor, with her masters degree in communication, as well as undergraduates Joe Silecchia (broadcasting), Nathan Martin (video/film) and David Blackburn (visual communication).

The benediction was for everyone, of course, but the zoological references were a nod to Abigail Hagger, a biology major who boards with us and has become part of our family. Congratulations to everyone.


Gracious Father. Sovereign Lord.

We thank you for this time, these people and this place. Today we celebrate the success of your children, the heritage of your university, and the truth of your Word.

We thank you for the graduates that have persevered, the families that have supported them, the faculty that has taught them and the staff that has served them.

May we all be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. May we roar with the Lion of Judah and rest in the Lamb of God. Deliver us from temptation. Lead us beside still waters.

Destroy our pride in this very instant, so we can know your ways as Moses did, name your name as Peter did, and do your will as Jesus did.

Humble us, so we can lift you up.

Forgive us, so we can see your face.

Fill us, so we can taste your mercy.

Strengthen us, so we can do your work.

Cover us by the blood of your covenant, and redeem us by the power of your resurrection.

Oh great Shepherd of our hearts, work in us that which is pleasing to you, to whom be glory forever and ever.

Amen. Amen. Amen.


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