Happy Birthday, Princess

Birthday brunch with Meg
Editor’s note: This is a part of a series on birthdays of family members this year. Our daughter Margret was born today, longer ago than I would want to say. We called her Meg, as in Little Women. But sometimes I called her Princess.

Happy Birthday, Princess.

By this I never meant a Disney Princess, of course. Regardless of the archetype, a Disney princess almost always becomes a shallow reflection of the reality. You and I both know real life is more complicated and real dreams are more important.

Unfortunately princess has become a derogatory term, with hints of pride, haughtiness, privilege, even entitlement.

But that’s never the kind of princess you were. Or that we wanted you to be. Certainly you had your Cinderella moments. You helped me care for your brothers while your mom was taking care of Grandma.

Or perhaps I helped you. You certainly worked as hard as Cinderella ever did. And you grew to be an organized, resourceful woman, whose character is recognized and honored by many.

When your brother Christian asked you to be his Best Man (Maid), he knew if he really wanted someone to keep a bunch of guys on track and on time, you were the best man (?) for the job.

You found your Prince, too. And now you have two young princes of your own. I know few women more suited to this honor.

But calling you Princess was never about the fairy tale. It was about position, not disposition. You were a first born, an only daughter, born to responsibility and opportunity. And you managed this with deportment and grace.

I meant more than that, however. I meant also to remind you that we can be born (again) to such a life, more secure in the providence and grace of God than in any human relationship with its limitations of deceit or intrigue.

I certainly never meant that I was your king. I’m much too weak for that.

I just wanted you to know that God was. And is. And will be.

Resting in his love and his provision will always be more important than resting in mine. In His court there is love forever more.

And though only shadow of this greater glory, there is love in my heart too.

Forever more.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Princess”

  1. Wally, this morning I reread the charge you wrote for Kyle’s nigh of blessing and this afternoon this post. You bless me every time because you make me think about my King.
    Margret, it was so good seeing you and meeting your little princes. Hope you enjoyed your Birthday. Great banana nut cookie, thank you!

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