rethinking my job

In my other life, as a professor, I sometimes write about issues related to higher education. I post these on my professional blog, in-tech-rity. Today I put up a presentation on rethinking our communication curriculum in Christian colleges. It was presented yesterday at Campbell University’s Faith and Communication Conference.

Here is an excerpt:

As departments, we often stress listening and speaking. But this is not enough. It’s respect and conviction students lack. Even a cursory glance at comments on a news article or a you-tube videos reveals that this no longer informs our civic discourse. But respect and conviction should inform the conversations in our classroom and in our student’s careers.

To speak the truth in love is their calling. And it is ours.

2 thoughts on “rethinking my job”

  1. Do you find the lack of respect and conviction in students occurs just as frequently in a religious university as it does in a secular university?

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