news you can’t use

An occasional roundup of things that don’t matter very much.

got your goat?
More and more companies are using goats to manage the grass., for example, will bring in seven goats to mow your average size lawn for a couple of hundred dollars, completely free of carbon emissions. The Wall Street journal reports that both Yahoo and Google hired goats to clear around their property in northern California this year.

Jamba Juice
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say it ain’t so
Jamba Juice is poking fun of McDonald’s new smoothies, with a fake ad for Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie. If McDonald’s thinks they can sell smoothies why can’t Jamba sell burgers. You can see the fake ad on YouTube but I wouldn’t bother. This is news you can’t use, or at least shouldn’t.

all charged up
Chargers are the most common item left behind in hotel rooms. Many hotels have bins full of them, sometimes several hundred. “Take-one-if-you-need-one” baskets are becoming more common since the volume is becoming so great it is no longer worthwhile to sell them on eBay.

be a sport
Kevin Wirth, who rode Mythical Ruler in the 1981 Kentucky Derby, just became the 30th angler to pass the $1million mark in the Bassmaster’s competitions. With a handicap of 2, he hopes to qualify for the PGA tour in two years, when he turns 50.

more fun
Blonds in Scotland apparently make about $1200 more a month than brunettes, according to a recent poll. They are also more likely to overspend, with the average blond spending about $300 a month more than she makes. No wonder they have more fun.

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