a perfect day (AA4d)

Sometimes every thing turns out just right.

I had a productive week, making real progress on a couple of creative projects. Words seemed to flow, sometimes late at night, but I was very happy with what I got done.

Creative work has its own exhilaration. And its own exhaustion. So we decided to take the day off. I realize in one sense I’m taking a whole semester “off,” but that’s an illusion. It’s just a different kind of work.

So we got up, had breakfast and finished reading aloud Piper’s A Sweet and Bitter Providence. At some level every book Piper writes is about the gracious sovereignty of God. And at some point any day of rest starts there too.

Late in the morning we drove out to Yacanto, a little village on the edge of the mountains. It’s only industry is tourism: lots of cabins for rent and lots for sale. But it’s a very small village and since it’s off season it was practically deserted.

We had lunch in a small restaurant with large windows looking out on the mountains. The cook, who spoke a little English, recommended the trout, which was perfect. Then we found a gift shop with regional crafts and bought some gifts for our kids.

That’s when out adventure began. We decided to take the “back way” home through the mountains along an unpaved road. At times it leveled out but mostly it was up and down, a winding rutted trail through isolation and magnificence. It took us two hours to travel about 30 miles, along river gorges, through mountain meadows, past stands of pine and silver maples.

We took a somewhat harrowing “side trip” to the village of San Miguel, which turned out to be closed for the season. Literally. Let’s just say the descent to the Rio San Miguel was breathtaking, and I’m not taking about the scenery. We were very glad to get back on a paved highway before dark.

We were also glad to find a lovely tea shop in Belgrano on the way home with wi-fi and a porch that looked out away from the highway toward the lower Sierras.

We said grace. And we meant it.

4 thoughts on “a perfect day (AA4d)”

  1. nice to read & share opinions about our town… It happened to us one day some time ago, when we drove in and never left. Next time come & visit our ecolodge Morada del Territorio!
    happy life

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