amazing graces

Photo by Margaret Metts
Photo by Margaret Metts

A hospital is no place for sick people. Or at least not for real sick one, who need a place to rest and rejoice.

And that’s what having mom at home has given her, and given us. After days in the hospital, now if we are not sitting by her side we can be sleeping in a bed, and that’s a very good thing. And there is much more for which to give thanks.

Mom has rested better, and been more alert when she was awake. And since she took care of a lot of personal business a few days ago, there is time for more laughter and more stories. It was the perfect weekend for those who are now returning home to jobs and school.

Here are some highlights:

    Extra strength. Mom has eaten a little, some mashed potatoes and some watermelon, enabling her to enjoy seven of her grandchildren and two of their spouses, plus two great-grandchildren. When she is asleep, she knows who everyone is and talks easily.

    Good friends.
    Tracey, one of mom’s caregivers came up from Florida, and has been able to sit with her and remember good times and bad. Our pastor and his wife bought their horses over so she could see them in the front year, outside her window. A former student did the ironing. People loaned us two RVs.

    Music. Mom wanted us to sing Froggie-went-a-courtin and we found Dylan’s sixteen verse version on the internet. My friend Art brought his guitar and we sang the whole song, plus an assortment of hymns and praise music.

    Great food. Friends have brought food, great food, everything from fried chicken to prime rib. We have fresh produce and great tea, not to mention an espresso machine. Perfect potato salad, compliments of people who care about us and those we love.

    Hope. We are imperfect people with an imperfect past. We can rest in God’s grace and sovereignty. It’s nice to know that our righteousness is by faith alone, and not on how wise or strong or good we are, even when we are trying to be all these things.

Each of these are treasured graces, moments and gifts for which we are grateful.

As mom was falling asleep last night, Art’s daughter Asia sang “My Maker” from the musical Jane Eyre:

I see my Maker
Peace has come so fast
I will be restored to Him
Freedom comes at last

Her voice was clear and beautiful, the perfect lullaby for the perfect moment, one of many we didn’t expect and won’t forget.

Thanks be to God.

3 thoughts on “amazing graces”

  1. So glad that friends and family are sharing this time with y’all. Praying for peace and grace. And strength. Much love and many prayers coming your way.

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