tea party

We’re having an open house for our son Pilgrim’s graduation and the concept is a tea party. We have an Indian, British and Oriental tea room inside, with southern sweet tea and bar-b-que on the front porch, South American maté in the garage and a bubble tea bar in the quanset hut. The whole thing requires a guide book. Here is the introduction:.

About the tea

As a southerner, I was practically weaned on tea. But of course tea is deeply embedded in many cultures, a framework for ritual and tradition that bespeaks civility and hospitality.

Tea is one of the simplest and oldest of civilized pleasures, and in all cultures and in all times its great contribution is the way it slows the pace of life, giving us time to relax and focus on each other. After all, you have to wait for the tea to steep.

As a family we have come to enjoy the flavor of good tea— and the experience of it. Sitting on our front porch in the morning with a cup of Earl Gray, or hanging out late at night sipping on O’Connor’s Cream we appreciate the way tea tastes and smells and looks.

But more than that, the experience has created a new space for us to enjoy each other. So we invite you into our world, and into our celebration of God’s good grace.

Won’t you sit a spell?

Relax and enjoy the tea.

Wally Metts
June 30, 2007

We got our recipes for the tea bar here: The Little Black Book of Tea: The Essential Guide to All Things Tea (Little Black Book Series)
We got our tea at Tea Gschwendner’s

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