This just in. Some people didn’t like Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Take this review from the Hollywood Reporter:

“People will see what they want to see in a movie shorn of any point of view not in literal accord with the gospels. True believers will bear witness to holy writ. Others—nonbelievers or even less literal-minded Christians— will be troubled by the film’s staunch adherence to a story line and characters that have been used by bigots to fuel hatred for centuries.”

Now there is a viewpoint. Good films never adhere to actual stories. The mockers have arrived at the crucifixion.

Actually the anti-semitism thing is more interesting if your realize the Talmud says the Jews DID do it. See this article by Jewish scholar David Klinghoffer. He points out that records of the Sanhedrin indicate Jesus was executed because “he has practiced magic, enticed and led astray Israel.”

He argues that “If Gibson is an anti-Semite, so is the Talmud and so is the greatest Jewish sage of the past 1,000 years, Maimonides.” Citing both texts, he concludes: “Considering that Gibson’s portrayal coincides closely with traditional Jewish belief, it seems that leaving him alone is the decent as well as the Jewish thing to do.”

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