Top ten

Another road trip, to Florida for Christmas. Here’s my top ten, in reverse chronological order. This is a blog, after all.

1) Strolling through an open air craft market in Tampa’s historic “Ybor City”: with my daughter “Meg”: We went there to get a “cuban sandwich”: while waiting for her plane.

2) Florida, generally. Nautical stuff especially. anchorweb.jpg

2)Dinner on Christmas day, at my sister Toy’s new house.

3)Pilgrim’s Christmas hair-do: spikes with colors, dyes a gift from Meg.

3) New holiday tradition: opening British style holiday “crackers”: on Christmas eve.

4)Riding around looking at Christmas lights on Christmas eve.

5) Going to the beach on Christmas eve. A white Christmas. Katie napped on Christian and Ann’s new beach mat while the rest of us looked for sharke’s teeth at the Blind Pass park on “Manasota Key”:

6) Watching the kids enjoy their own apartment at “Buchan’s Landing”: next to mom’s house. Video games, movies, all night do what you want.

7) Sunsets daily, no charge. sunsetweb.jpg

8) Seeing Katie, who had already been here a week taking care of mom.

9) Bar-b-que, at “Woody’s”:, south of Atlanta. It’s tradition.

10) An evening alone in Chattanooga on the way down while our friends the Hargraves took Michael, Pilgrim and Tina to a midnight showing of the final Lord of the Rings release.

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