Who am I?

Just signed up at the Film Review in Four Words website. One of my new long term goals is to get a review into the top 100. Here are my initial forays into film fame:

How to lose a guy in 10 days: Selfish search for soulmates.
The Count of Monte Cristo: Gets girl. And gold.
The Hulk: Stupid soldier, daughter, boyfriend.
Adaptation: Flower fuels fun film.
Princess Diaries: Plain princess picks power.

Don’t worry. I won’t quit my day job. But here is the deal. For the profile, I have to describe myself in four words.

Click on the comments link below and offer your suggestion. There is a prize–I’ll buy you two ticket to the movies or rent you two new releases in a video store. Enter as often as you like.

Winner decided by Xian and Ann, who can enter but can’t win.

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