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3 reasons to believe in Santa

Fantasy is a unique and viable way to think about things that really matter. Like, in this case, generosity and surprise.

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the secret life of Santa

The challenge is not to give people what they think they want, but to try and give them what they don’t yet know they want. Or at the very least, what they don’t remember that they wanted.

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santa claus is coming to town

The Santa Papers is my effort to tell his story. In this “unauthorized autobiography” Nicholas tell how he became Santa. And how he feels about that.

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happy St. Nicholas Eve!

Many readers know about our St. Nicholas Eve event, which we aren’t having this year for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere. But in honor of the event, I’m sharing a chapter from my book project, Becoming Santa, which I hope to complete and publish before the holidays next year. The book has alternating perspectives, chapters in […]

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celebrating Santa

St. Nicholas’ legacy of generosity is important this time of year, as we learn to think about the gifts we give rather than the ones we receive.

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