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read a book and have more energy

Why a good book is more restful than any number of cat videos.

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why we read to children

Reading to children is a relational thing. It is what laps were made for.

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bed-time reading privilege

If there is one thing every kid needs, it’s engaged parents. And one way we engage them is reading to them.

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Give them grace

Give Them Grace is a helpful corrective to making more rules, and a healthy reminder that grace is sufficient. Even for parents.

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santa speaks

There is an audio version of the Santa Papers. You can hear it here: Email me if you would like information about the CD when it is produced.

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the secret life of Santa

Originally posted on the daysman:
Photo by Elizabeth Conley, the Detroit News. On Christmas Eve The Detroit News covered my Santa persona, crafted over the years as a bit of mischief to encourage imagination and fantasy among small children and child-likeness (not childishness) in adults. Kim Kozlowski, the reporter, started out to write about my…

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3 reasons to believe in Santa

Fantasy is a unique and viable way to think about things that really matter. Like, in this case, generosity and surprise.

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loafing as a virtue

The “miraculous in the common” here is that no effort or words were needed to know we were deeply blessed and greatly loved.

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new ebook on writing for publication

If you have an iPad, you may be interested in my new book “A One-step Guide to a Byline.” I worked on this with a colleague, Michael Ray Smith at Campbell University, to explore the use of new technologies and provide some insight on how to get published. You can read the press release here.

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