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a quiet, culinary holiday

We enjoy preparing good food for others. As it turns out, we enjoy preparing it for ourselves too. Few things elicit gratefulness as much as good food, thoughtfully prepared.

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Reisernte in Nepal

the bread of heaven

Like the Hebrews, who posted pictures of their favorite foods from Egypt on Instagram, we focus on what we want. Our deprivation increases desire.

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the idolatry of food

Is modern agribusiness with its abuses of labor, animals, and health a form of idolatry? Perhaps. But pride in our food sources or esthetic can be idolatry too.

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on table grace

Even the devout often give thanks with no consideration to the rain, the soil, the farmer, the process, or even the taste. There is no awe of the miracle, especially if it comes in a box.

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What would Jesus eat?

This begins a series on the ethics of food: how to pray over it, think about it and choose it, all without judging your neighbor or violating your conscience.

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a common grace

I still crave that fresh saltwater fish a few minutes from the bay—hot, juicy and oily, served with hushpuppies. I think that’s what Jesus served his disciples on the shore of the Galilee, after the resurrection.

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The year of the omelet

We have a picture in our head, someone tells us the exact steps to take, and the result isn’t quite what we imagined. We turned down the heat too soon, or we stirred the eggs too long.

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Retrospective: 2007

Tea is one of the simplest and oldest of civilized pleasures, and in all cultures and in all times its great contribution is the way it slows the pace of life, giving us time to relax and focus on each other.

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pass (on) the steak

Sin often begins with something good, like a juicy steak or even a kiss. But our principles must master our passions or we fail to know and do the will of God.

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drinking day old tea

Mine is a heritage literally steeped in tea. And whether it is served hot or cold, I’m pretty sure it is not meant to be served a day old.

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