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surveying an ancient canvas
scrubbed clean
by tides and waves

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they are playing our song

We have fallen in and out of love a hundred times, and we have seen the peaks and the valleys, from the sublime to the ridiculous. And we always come back to that covenant we have made and kept.

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How to tell a good poem from a bad one

In a good poem there is a line or an image in which I recognize myself, standing alone, witnessing some evil which must be redressed or some delight to be recovered.

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3 places to find a good poem—and why you should

A good poem requires us to slow down, to contemplate mystery, and to ponder the power of words to evoke thoughts, images and emotions.

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loafing as a virtue

The “miraculous in the common” here is that no effort or words were needed to know we were deeply blessed and greatly loved.

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Retrospective: 2005

… you are pressed by duty
and clothed with care,
and have no time
for butterflies.

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be my Valentine(s)

The romantic notions of Valentines Day have little to do with Saint Valentine himself. Whoever he was.

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Swipe my heart
And let’s dance.

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on dying well

We have a lot yet to learn. But we are determined to learn it, and to extend grace with calmness and certitude in our final hours.

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