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so here’s to Katie

Today I wish for you wisdom for and peace in each trial, because I’m sure we still have a few left. And I wish for you greater joy in knowing and doing the will of God, whose grace has sustained us all these years. And I wish you a happy birthday. And many more.

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three birthday wishes for Christian

Only now have I begun to fully trust the God of his fathers to draw my son close and lift him up and transform him daily. It was never my job to do those things, and it is every my joy when God does.

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Happy birthday Katie

The joys of heaven will surely compensate for the sorrows of earth. Hush, hush, my doubts! death is but a narrow stream, and thou shalt soon have forded it. Time, how short—eternity, how long! Death, how brief—immortality, how endless! Methinks I even now eat of Eshcol’s clusters, and sip of the well which is within […]

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