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older and wiser

So many things I can’t change, so many things I can’t do over, and yet He is Himself a quiet habitation, a sure foundation, a shelter in any storm.

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thanks be to God

I don’t think the problem is just how often we talk about ourselves. And social media is not a scapegoat for our sin. It’s really what we say about ourselves. And about God.

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spiritual vitamins

Not all daily devotionals are created equal. But there are some classics that seem fresh very time you read them.

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Happy birthday Katie

The joys of heaven will surely compensate for the sorrows of earth. Hush, hush, my doubts! death is but a narrow stream, and thou shalt soon have forded it. Time, how short—eternity, how long! Death, how brief—immortality, how endless! Methinks I even now eat of Eshcol’s clusters, and sip of the well which is within […]

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