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day camp

Service can be connected to spiritual pride, something we “do for others” that makes us feel good about ourselves. There was none of that with this group.

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Letters from Bharat: ministry in Mumbai

This is the challenge for our students. And for us. In the face of overwhelming poverty and injustice, where do you start?

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Letters from Bharat: Mumbia

  In Mumbia one is immediately struck by the contrasts. Either that or the chaotic traffic, with the constant  honking of horns and a sense that lanes don’t exist as rickshaws, buses, cabs and private cars push into any available space. Or the strange, powerful smells—incense burning at shrines on the sidewalk, smog always on high […]

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return to India

The distance between the U.S. and India is not measured in months or miles—it is measured by ways of life layered over centuries and centuries.

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Living on the streets in Mumbai

It is easy to impose our own vision of home and happiness on people who don’t care as much about it as we do.

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