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let her eat bread

What could a piece of paper add to love? Nothing, really. But marriage could add a great deal.

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the mid-wife crisis

The highly individualistic self-seeking model of modern marriage is not exactly an improvement.

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(re)learning to linger

Maturing, married love is rooted in a shared story and refreshed by a new commitment, often in the full shadow of our failures. It involves learning to linger again.

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(re)collections on God’s faithfulness

I’ve been blogging now over nine years, and am planning to pull together some collections of these essays as small paperbacks that could be shared with others. I’ve outlined them here, and welcome your feedback on which ones you might find helpful or interesting.

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young man with joy stick

men will be boys

No thoughtful young woman wants to marry a boy. Nor should she have to.

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the math about marriage

The transformation into one flesh requires more listening, more sharing and more praying. And more sacrifice. Becoming one is the work of a lifetime. Nothing easy about it. Or simple.

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