looking for significance in all the wrong places

Oprah and Elizabeth Gilbert discuss Eat, Pray, Love, the subject of a new movie with Julia Robert.
Apparently it’s not just 20-somethings who are self obsessed. It’s everywhere, really, and with the same root cause. Christine Flowers, for instance, says Elizabeth Gilbert can “eat, pray, love” all she wants, but she shouldn’t be writing.

In a devastating critique of modern memoirs, Flowers puts Gilbert in the category of “Books by Unexceptional Women Who’ve Deluded Themselves into Thinking That Their Every Thought Is Transcendental.”

And she’s just getting started. She provides examples of “Books by Misfits Who Need to Tell Us How Pathetic They Used to Be but Aren’t Anymore” and “Books by Women Who Dare You to Call Them Sluts.”

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