looking for love in all the wrong places

“but speak the truth in love, that you might grow up…” Eph 4:15

Apparently there’s a new way for college guys to meet a girl. Or another guy, for that matter.

Goodcrush.com will let you find out if she (or he) likes you without all the embarrassing trauma of asking. They can let you know without letting you know, too. Finally hope for shy lovers everywhere.

It works two ways. Crushfinder lets you put in five names of people you like and if any of them put in your name too then you get an email. Congratulations! You’re a winner, even if you are a loser.

You can also use the Missed Connections feature to send anonymous, photo-less messages back and forth until you figure out who the other person is and agree to meet. Like this: saw you on your computer by astor place wearing a princeton t shirt on thurs.

And so the game begins. It’s You Got Mail for social media, a cross between Facebook and Match.com.

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