getting the point

I wouldn’t say I have necessarily rediscovered the joy of handwriting, but it is a pleasant experience, experimenting with the different feel of different leads.

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Good Friday indeed

By 3 Jesus is dead, having spoken only seven times. The sky turns black, there is an earthquake, rocks split into, dead people come out of their graves, only to die once more. And we call this Good Friday.

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for Kenny and Katelyn, on covenant

Sacrifice is the essence of covenant making. And the sacrifice you both offer today is yourselves

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she shells sea shells

I’m not sure how I feel about Katie finding the best shell, seeing as how she is from Toledo. Perhaps this is beginner’s luck.

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surveying an ancient canvas
scrubbed clean
by tides and waves

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a rhythm of renewal

There are dolphins playing along the edges of the surf as the sun glints off the white-capped waves. We will go soon and walk beside them.

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be my Valentine(s)

Originally posted on the daysman:
It’s Valentine’s Day, or “single awareness day” as college students without a date often say. They may be confusing it with the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, when seven mobsters were killed in a Chicago gang feud. They do well to be confused about the significance of this holiday, since the…

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Letters from Bharat; from mud to marble

Whenever we visit IBS, we are met by bright, positive, eager young men and women who want their lives, and the lives of their families, to be different. And better. There is poverty, yes. But there in no poverty mentality.

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they are playing our song

We have fallen in and out of love a hundred times, and we have seen the peaks and the valleys, from the sublime to the ridiculous. And we always come back to that covenant we have made and kept.

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Letters From Bharat: Oh, Calcutta

I wasn’t scared. I could easily have hailed a cab. I was just confused and wanted to find my way. On my own, if I could.

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