hospitality begins at home

The hospitality of Abraham

As a freshly minted associate pastor of family ministries, I’m struck by how far the implications of such a responsibility reach.

There are things to do and truths to expound, of course: classes and retreats, counseling and mentoring, listening and recommending. In the end, couples should care more for each other and parents should engage more with their kids.

But frankly, everyone in the church family is, well, family. Family in this sense is a quality of congregational life, not just a social and legal obligation to be better managed or understood.

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of porches and picnics

Saturday night Rob and Lindy dropped by and we sat on the porch until the mosquitoes drove us inside where we had tea. And air conditioning.

Pilgrim and I were talking to Rob about aesthetics and music. Can a style be inappropriate apart from its content? Katie and Lindy were talking about Abraham.

Sunday we had a church picnic at our house, with about 90 people. We borrowed a grill, set up tables and set out toys for the sand box. Actually, we borrowed a huge grill, one big enough to grill ten racks of ribs, six whole pork loin, ten chickens and two bushels of corn—all at the same time.

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