on the irony of being Argentine

"I cannot walk through the suburbs in the solitude of the night without thinking that the night pleases us because it suppresses idle details, just as our memory does." Jorge Luis Borges. Argentines think of themselves as being European. But they are not. Certainly they are of European descent, and take some pride in their… Continue reading on the irony of being Argentine

are there guitars in Argentina?

I was talking with Pablo last night, at our final asado on this trip. Fifteen people got together to eat about 16 pounds of meat over three hours, as the various cuts and kinds roasted slowly on the grill. Pablo is a missionary kid, a child of two cultures whose parents have the opportunity to… Continue reading are there guitars in Argentina?

Adventures in Argentina, week 3

In which we preach, play tourist, meet aereophiles, consult our dictionary, find a German bakery and hear the parrots. Sunday, March 7 We spent the night with Ernesto and Marlene Forteza, missionaries who have been in this suburb of Buenos Aires for 20 years. They have created a literal garden in bleak, urban landscape. This… Continue reading Adventures in Argentina, week 3

adventures in Argentina, week two

In which we cross the Panara, visit Colon, attend a conference, take a ferry and don't ride the elephants. Monday, March 1 Today we drove east 10 hours, away from the mountains, to Colon on the Uruguay River. The land is mostly flat and almost entirely agricultural—mostly cattle and some crops, like soy bean. Near… Continue reading adventures in Argentina, week two

adventure in Argentina, week one

In which we convert pesos, take siestas, eat asado and listen to a brief lecture on agricultural economics . Tuesday, February 23. We spent four hours in Chile today, and didn’t get a stamp on our passport. We were in the international terminal in Santiago and never went through customs. I exchanged a 20 dollar… Continue reading adventure in Argentina, week one