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advice for a young mom

As I studied His Word this past year, the Lord gently showed me why we were here. He had and still has work for us to do. More importantly, I realized He wanted my heart.

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the bones of Jesus

There was much hand-wringing on NPR the other day, wondering what Christians will do now that the tomb of Jesus has been discovered. With his bones.

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Photo by Michael Metts

He is risen just as He said

For centuries Christians have put little cemeteries by their little churches and on the outskirts of their little towns, waiting for that blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and savior Jesus Christ.

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what we remember

As Baptist we didn’t even observe Good Friday. We prided ourselves on not even having a liturgy. We did, of course. We just never wrote it down.

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Give them grace

Give Them Grace is a helpful corrective to making more rules, and a healthy reminder that grace is sufficient. Even for parents.

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finding a safe space

The impulse to be kept “safe” is leading to more and more limitations on speech. To say speakers or teachers makes your feel “unsafe” is becoming the easiest way to shut them down.

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sheep pig

how to tell a sheep from a pig

Militant irreverence makes us pigs, by Christ’s own words. Not contempt for our views—but contempt for our God.

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having it both ways

Righteousness and peace come together. They have kissed each other. Is this a polite kiss? Or a passionate one?

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Reisernte in Nepal

the bread of heaven

Like the Hebrews, who posted pictures of their favorite foods from Egypt on Instagram, we focus on what we want. Our deprivation increases desire.

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stamps in our spiritual passports

We can do small things with great love. But can we do them for selfless reasons?

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