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Jingle bell time is a swell time

Even in its most secular manifestations, Christmas reminds us that there is something more. It is is indeed a Holy Day.

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a humble beginning

For our sake He became poor, born in obscurity, practically unnoticed. This is how it had to be.

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Our granddaughter Sarina lights the candle of hope with her dad Christian on December 1, 2013.

Is it Christmas yet?

So we light the candles as the shadows deepen, and mark off the calendar as the days lengthen. It’s the Babe of Bethlehem that we long for, for God to come and dwell with us.

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things fall apart, but can the center hold?

Horror will come to us too; just ask the people in Paris. And in those moments, actual aggression will put microaggression in perspective.

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3 ways to be faithful on Facebook

Facebook “friends” can become actual friends—but sometimes it takes more time and energy.

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the problem with praise

We need to be careful about how we praise our kids. And what we praise them for.

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3 reasons Christians get social media wrong

We all know that there is a difference between a great talker and a great communicator. This difference is largely that the communicator listens more and connects better.

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what to do this weekend

Resting is some of the hardest work I do, especially given the ubiquity of my mobile devices.

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advice for a young mom

As I studied His Word this past year, the Lord gently showed me why we were here. He had and still has work for us to do. More importantly, I realized He wanted my heart.

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the bones of Jesus

There was much hand-wringing on NPR the other day, wondering what Christians will do now that the tomb of Jesus has been discovered. With his bones.

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